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Mayweather: 43 and 0.


The numbers speak for themselves: 43 – 0. I decided to skip out in favor of celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but was surprised to hear that Mayweather actually got bloodied up a lil bit. The Ortiz fight was so quick and easy (“protect yourself at all times”) that I figured this one would be over pronto.

Read the NY Times fight summary, then wait for Christmas to come around. Maybe by that time there’ll be some progress in this Pacquiao/drug testing bull.

Boxing Analyst Teddy Atlas Weighs In on the Mayweather/Ortiz Fight

image courtesy of ESPN.Com

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Via badlefthook.com, boxing analyst Teddy Atlas weighs in on the Mayweather/Ortiz fight. If you missed it, Victor Ortiz attempted to headbutt Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the 4th round of their September 17th fight. This prompted intervention by the referee, after which Ortiz hugged Mayweather as an apology.

Mmmediately following their making-up, Pretty Boy Floyd countered with a controversial 1-2 punch that sent Ortiz to the tarp, and ended the fight. Because Ortiz still had his guard down at the time, and the ref also seemed unprepared, many people consider the punch a cheapshot. In this clip, former Mike Tyson trainer Teddy Atlas comments on the legitimacy of Mayweather’s punch.

Check out a clip of the punch here.