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Photos: Jamaican Sprints Team, Pau Gasol, Carmelita Jeter, Lolo Jones

This is the follow-up to yesterday’s photo of the US Olympic Hoops team, if you missed it.

The Olympians in the pics are, starting from the top:

1) Warren Weir, Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake rock green shirts and skinny ties for Jamaica

2) Pau and Marc Gasol and rock the “Mr. Sandman Bring me a Treat” barbershop quartette jackets for Spain.

3) Carmelita Jeter poses with James Harden and Russell Westbrook

4) Lolo Jones makes wacky faces with Deron Williams

5) Kobe Bryant poses in friendly competition with Pau Gasol

Serena Williams Does the Crip Walk?


Forget Usain’s Lightning Bolt. Ron Artest’s “Everybody say Queensbridge!” Brandi Chastain’s ripping off her shirt to reveal her sports bra. Or even NFL touchdown celebrations like Tebowing or the Dirty Bird. Serena Williams crip walk upon winning the Gold was definitely the most unusual victory celebration sports has ever seen.

For those who were offended, we say cut her a little slack. Sports victories, , especially those on the international stage, are definitely a cause for celebration and sometimes emotion can get the best of you. Good thing the Olympics weren’t held in Compton though.

Click to see the Crip Walk in Motion

And if the .GIF wasn’t enough, Complex Magazine has footage here:

Mayweather: 43 and 0.


The numbers speak for themselves: 43 – 0. I decided to skip out in favor of celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but was surprised to hear that Mayweather actually got bloodied up a lil bit. The Ortiz fight was so quick and easy (“protect yourself at all times”) that I figured this one would be over pronto.

Read the NY Times fight summary, then wait for Christmas to come around. Maybe by that time there’ll be some progress in this Pacquiao/drug testing bull.

Boxing Analyst Teddy Atlas Weighs In on the Mayweather/Ortiz Fight

image courtesy of ESPN.Com

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Via, boxing analyst Teddy Atlas weighs in on the Mayweather/Ortiz fight. If you missed it, Victor Ortiz attempted to headbutt Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the 4th round of their September 17th fight. This prompted intervention by the referee, after which Ortiz hugged Mayweather as an apology.

Mmmediately following their making-up, Pretty Boy Floyd countered with a controversial 1-2 punch that sent Ortiz to the tarp, and ended the fight. Because Ortiz still had his guard down at the time, and the ref also seemed unprepared, many people consider the punch a cheapshot. In this clip, former Mike Tyson trainer Teddy Atlas comments on the legitimacy of Mayweather’s punch.

Check out a clip of the punch here.

Odd Future Member Lionel Boyce’ Hilarious Post on Surfing, Surf Ninjas

^click for link to the article^

in the famous words of Ton Loc in the 1993 movie Surf Ninjas, “brothas don’t surf.” fortunately things have changed a lot since then.

this humorous article has LA Weekly (dope site, check it out) catching up with Odd Future member Lionel Boyce, as he discusses how he got into surfing. he also references many nostalgic pieces of 90s pop-culture: the Nickelodeon TV Show Rocket Power, being put on “punishment,” and most importantly, the song Return of the Mack, by 1-hit wonder Mark Morrison.

With the Odd Future movement being such a prominent force of skateboarders, profanity-spewers, and virtual spokespeople for not-give-a-fuck California Cool it has at times been unclear just what it entails in addition to music. But in this article it is made clear that the talented Lionel ( will henceforth be writing a weekly column for LA Weekly. peep the article here.