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#BeyonceAndJayZ Host Presidential Fundraiser

Pic via Gawker.

There are a lot of “40s” in the news this week. Earlier esta semana Mitt Romney dropped jaws when video surfaced of him discussing the  “47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes,”  and thus are unwinnable votes. Needless to say, Jon Stewart had a field day with that one…

While The Mittster was stirring up controversy, Beyonce and Jay-Z did a little fundraising of their own at the 40/40 Club. For just one easy installment of $40,000, one could eat dinner with the president and even witness a tower of Jay’s favorite champagne bottles. Sounds much more like our kind of party.

A Short #DNC Recap

Whose speech did you like best at the #DNC?

This guy:

Or this lady:

Former-president Clinton made some interesting points about the economy, while Mrs. Obama offered some insight into the character of her husband.

Whoever you vote for, be informed. Read Clinton’s speech over at the New York Times, and watch Michelle’s here. She even went viral in China…

Watch Mitt Romney at the #RNC below: