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Top 5 Most Controversial #EdwardSnowden Memes

Just to do our part in chiming in on the privacy and surveillance debate, these memes reflect the wide range of popular opinion about Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing. After Snowden leaked classified documents detailing the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs, his actions have drawn the ire of some like New York Times columnist David Brooks, yet gained praise from public figures as influential as Ron Paul and Michael Moore. President Obama has remained somewhat hands-off.

Our opinion? Neutral, but you have to applaud a guy so committed to doing what he thinks is right :p.

Serena Williams Does the Crip Walk?


Forget Usain’s Lightning Bolt. Ron Artest’s “Everybody say Queensbridge!” Brandi Chastain’s ripping off her shirt to reveal her sports bra. Or even NFL touchdown celebrations like Tebowing or the Dirty Bird. Serena Williams crip walk upon winning the Gold was definitely the most unusual victory celebration sports has ever seen.

For those who were offended, we say cut her a little slack. Sports victories, , especially those on the international stage, are definitely a cause for celebration and sometimes emotion can get the best of you. Good thing the Olympics weren’t held in Compton though.

Click to see the Crip Walk in Motion

And if the .GIF wasn’t enough, Complex Magazine has footage here:

Trayvon Martin

Just a few weeks after people were wearing hoodies and signing Facebook petitions, one of our staff found this guy laying in the gutter in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush. It’s so symbolic of media cycles–once all the hype is over both magazines and the issue away. Some take action. Other’s don’t. If you’re not familiar with the case and want to do some research, at least read a summary—>here.