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#AlbumCoverOfTheWeek – ATCQ’s “Low End Theory”

There it is in all it’s glory. Classic album. Classic album cover, designed by Zombart JK, who has also done album artwork for DJ Jazzy Jeff. It inspired everything from Q-Tip’s rhymes, to cool kids, to Nike SB kicks, which makes it this week’s Artwork of the Week.

#AlbumCoverOfTheWeek – The Strokes “Room on Fire”

Lately we’ve been picking out some of our favorite album cover art of all time. The Strokes have always been known for their usage of some pretty elaborate artwork for their album covers, in this case for Room on Fire.  A little bit of research reveals that the album cover is actually a derivative of a work done by Peter Phillips, an English artist.

War/Game. 1961.

Slightly different than the album cover, but it definitely brings out the sentiments of the music. Rich, dark colors hypnotically arranged on tile mosaics, juxtaposed with gunplay. The Strokes always make you feel like that–a little grime. a little anger. That one of a kind New York-style Cool.