Top 5 Tracks On MIA’s New Album #Matangi


The queen of paper planes, Tamil dance beats, and subversion-on-wax returns. We don’t do feature length album reviews per se, but Pitchfork’s got you covered. In the meantime, here are the top 5 songs we think you should hear, hosted by Spotify. For devoted M.I.A fans and newcomers alike, this album won’t disappoint.

  1. Bad Girls – By now everyone knows that bad girls live fast, die young, but at least they do it well. Take note Miley Cyrus.
  2. Y.A.L.A –  A response to Drake’s Y.O.L.O mantra (you only live once), which proclaims “Y.A.L.A” – you always live again.
  3. Double Bubble Trouble – A laid-back hybrid of Reggae and Dubstep.
  4. Sexodus – an entrancing exercise in seduction, with the sound of helicopter propellers diffused through the soundwaves.
  5. aTENTion – a tribute to Autotune, and the now-classic Bone Crusher war chant, “Never Scared.”

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