Odd Future Member Lionel Boyce’ Hilarious Post on Surfing, Surf Ninjas

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in the famous words of Ton Loc in the 1993 movie Surf Ninjas, “brothas don’t surf.” fortunately things have changed a lot since then.

this humorous article has LA Weekly (dope site, check it out) catching up with Odd Future member Lionel Boyce, as he discusses how he got into surfing. he also references many nostalgic pieces of 90s pop-culture: the Nickelodeon TV Show Rocket Power, being put on “punishment,” and most importantly, the song Return of the Mack, by 1-hit wonder Mark Morrison.

With the Odd Future movement being such a prominent force of skateboarders, profanity-spewers, and virtual spokespeople for not-give-a-fuck California Cool it has at times been unclear just what it entails in addition to music. But in this article it is made clear that the talented Lionel (twitter.com/themustacheman) will henceforth be writing a weekly column for LA Weekly. peep the article here.

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